"It’s pronounced like jif"

Yeah well I don’t gif a fuck

Is there such a thing as love without trust? Will I be able to look at a couple without picturing us? Can I answer the phone without hearing your voice on the other end? Jesus Christ, I know all the answers, but I still like to pretend.
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Tu provi ad andare avanti ma poi ti blocchi.
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non esci da un incubo finché non si aprono gli occhi (via think-now-or-never)
Odero, si potero. Si non, invitus amabo.

Ovidio, ‘Amores’; III, 11b, 3

(Ti odierò, se potrò. Altrimenti, ti amerò mio malgrado)

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You had this expression on your face, like you weren’t quite sure you were supposed to be on Earth.
—Iain S. Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via invisible-depression)

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